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Community Zone on OurBrum
CommunityZone Share in the life of your community and let other locals and visitors know what your community has on offer.
Interests Zone on OurBrum
InterestsZone is exactly what it says on the tin - it's the zone to develop and share personal interests, Beekeeping > Genealogy > Movie Watching > etc. 
Lifestyle Zone on OurBrum
LifestyleZone highlights the attractions of Birmingham that are available to you & your kids as consumers, These may be municipal or commercial in nature.
Information Zone on OurBrum
InfoZone gives you insight into what's going on around you, upcoming events and also useful resources to learn more about your City
Economy Zone on OurBrum
EconomyZone provides a showcase to the individuals & companies that are the engine of trade for our city - from our market traders to multi-national companies
Personality Zone on OurBrum
PersonalityZone is the place to gain insight into the minds of and read the personal reflections of those regarded as personalities associated with Brum
Gallery Zone on OurBrum
GalleryZone is where you can experience and share in the life of our city through pictures. Even having your own best shots published as a contributor.

 >>>  St. Patrick's Day Parade 2008 Video <<<

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