Develop your hobbies & interests to a new lever through sharing them in the Interests Zone.

OurGardens - InterestsZone Here is an opportunity to share with others the visual delights of your garden  - By sending us your pictures with accompanying narrative you can provide an enlightening and uplifting tour of your floral beds and garden design features.
OurSports - InterestsZone OK, you may or may not be the active type, but your interest in sport if beyond question. If you participate or follow sport here's your platform to share information with others interested in your sporting activities. New balls please!
OurBikers - InterestsZone So, you love your Bike more than 'ya' partner (read that either way). Let us know where your love affair has taken you and, if you are in a 'chapter', tell us what makes it the life for you and maybe a pic of you astride the beast (the Bike that is, not 'ya' partner!)
OurArtists - InterestsZone Creating artworks is your passion then? Or is it your profession? Either way this is the place to publish your best work for city wide exposure & appreciation
OurNosh - InterestsZone Got a recipe for Jerk Chicken, Spring Roll or Spotted Dick? Let other Brummies have a go at using their cookers in a creative way and save our students from the delights of Spag. Boll & Chili Con Carnie :~)
OurCrafts - InterestsZone Tell other Brummies about your favorite craft activity. If you are a crafts supplier get yourself listed here to help those looking to take up a new hobby.

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