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'OurPoets' on OurBrum

One of the best ways to reflect
upon life and share in the emotions of others is through the reading of poetry.

I know that our City is blessed with many of the finest urban poets whose choice has been to express their life feelings and emotions through the written word.

We all have that option available to us. We can all use poetry, whether 'linguistic & ornate' or 'in the raw' it has the power to convey our inner feelings.

So, if you want to express your thoughts in words here is the place to do just that and to have your work appreciated. 
Send us your contributions for inclusion plus a little information about yourself as a forward. Include a picture if you wish of either yourself or one that illustrates the feelings expressed within your work.

If you'd simply like you revel in the world conjured up for you from the minds of our City's poets then visit here again soon.
Make it a regular destination in times of contemplation.  
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