Your personal garden creations

A Garden is a welcome retreat for those who have created or commissioned it. For them an initial vision has been adorned by nature to provide hours of pleasure and spiritual recuperation. With OurBrum's OurGardens feature we would like to help you share some of that power of rejuvenation. Some visitors to the site will be new to gardening and will require inspiration and guidance. Some may not have a garden or any hope of having a garden of their own  and for them it will simply be an opportunity to brighten up their life for a moment. Information about the plants, area of Brum and the prevailing conditions could also prove valuable to other gardeners starting out on a new project. So come on you Brummie gardeners and take the opportunity to share the delights of your garden, at it's best, with others. 


If you are the proud owner of a garden and
would like to share ideas with other gardeners then
get your camera out and send us your scans attached
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Don't forget to include some
narrative about your gardens features or the planning and history behind 
it's creation and development to
what it has become today.

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