'OurBikers' on OurBrum

Let's be fair and throw open these pages to all those who choose two wheels as
their preferred method of transport.

If your a keen motorcyclist we want you to
let other Brummies, who may not have been
on a motorcycle, what the attraction is of tazin' around on ya throbbin' beast.

If pedal power is more your bag then tell us why
you chose the cheapest, fitness inducing, environment
friendly, chic and trendy way of getting about.

Dig out the pics taken last year at the Bulldog bash
or the one of you and Errol on the tandem in the lake district.
E-mail them to
with some narrative and we'll do the rest

quote OurBikers in the subject line and
include contact details  
Awaiting submissions

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revision date 25th July 2003